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My history is indissolubly linked to the history of my family and Frosolone, town of knives and knifemakers, in which I was born on March 19, 1964 and live and practice the activity of knifemaker, continuing a tradition that has been handed down at least 5 generations. In my shop is exposed, among the ancient knives in my collection, two multi-purpose pocket knives from the early eighteenth century made by my great-great grandfather Rocco Petrunti. These knives, the handle of which is constituted by two separable halves, in addition to the knife, is a spoon and fork (one of them also has a corkscrew) and are marked with the initials RP surmounted by a crown. One of these knives was also marked on the the blade Petrunti. Only the most skilled knifemakers could bear the symbol of the crown issued by the Kings of Borbone.

Also the switchblade in the photo below, that I had reproduced, is my great-great grandfather’s.

My great-grandfather Leonardo Petrunti, also a knifemaker, died young and left my grandfather Rocco Petrunti an orphan who learned the art of knifemaking from his uncle Felice Petrunti, in which I preserve a beautiful billhook, one sfilato knife with round tip and half of multipurpose pocket knife similar to those of my great-great grandfather. Also my grandfather in his early activity as a knifemaker produced these multipourpose knives. Then subsequently he specialized in the production of grafting knives of various types and naturally Sfilato, the typical knife of Frosolone. My father, Domenico Petrunti, continued the activities of my grandfather , producing with equal skill, grafting knives, penknives, sfilato knives and mozzetta knives. In 1995, my father went in pension and I take over the activities continuing the production. Even my production is typical of Frosolone: penknives, sfilato knives,mozzetta knives, zuavo knives and grafting knives. Togther with the traditional production I produce also custom knives – for sports and collection – obtained entirely by hand, either by stock removal or by forging, employing for the blades the best steel available on the market (RWL-34, 440C, D2, Damascus steel or carbon steel) and for the handles natural materials such as horn, fossil ivory, mother of pearl and precious woods. The peculiarity of my knives are mainly in the accuracy of the finishing touches of the blades and handles and the precision in matching of pairs of various materials. I spend a lot of time in grinding blades that I do by freehand and I take care of the smallest detail, especially in the bevels, in the flats and the false edge. I like the clean lines and well defined. In 2002 I opened in the old town of Frosolone, a shop where I sell my knives , also those of fellow artisans that I appreciate , as well as the best national and International knives.