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Entering in the shop, simple and elegant, of Rocco Petrunti, one of the most well known knifemakers of Frosolone, at 13 Colozza Street , have a pleasant impact with the past observing a private collection of sfilati, typical knife in the area, zuave with yatagan blades and handles “ tartarugati” (imitation of tortoise) distinctive production of Frosolone, aquilani and gobbi knives, mozzette knives, pruning and grafting knives and also switchblades produced by the ancestors of the family Petrunti, winning several eighteenth century National Exhibitions as evidenced by diplomas and medals. But the journey does not stop to the past period and through a series of display cases is possible to trace to the entire production of Rocco Petrunti ranging from oversized sfilati made with valuable materials to little dagger from characteristics cuneiform handle to the easy to handle skinner hunting knives, to short drop point blades with valuable root and wood handles, to integral knives in ATS 34 steel “traforato” made in collaboration with Antonio Muccino of Campobasso (to respect the tradition of the ancient art of “traforo”, masterfully represented in early 800 by Carlo Rinaldi, Francesco Foresta, Pasquale Villani also famous for the bourbonique hunting “coltelle” exposed in the Museum of Capodimonte, Bartolomeo Terzano and Nicola Mastropietro). Moreover, the production of ordinary sfilati and mozzette from 19, 17 and 15 cm. with handles of bone, cow horn , valuable roots and woods, deer horn and blade in AISI 420 stainless steel has been enriched by knives with handles made of black buffalo horn with “ rosette” and brass inserts to remind, in part, ancient knives decorated with “eyes of the die” . For the refined man , Rocco Petrunti has produced valuable handles for freehand razor and interchangeable blade razor; and also for the gentleman who smoke cigars realized cigar cutter of great beauty and an average weight of just 20 grams with valuable handles roots, wood, bone and horn and also of mammoth ivory fossil.

Antonio Tortora

In the shop you will find not only articles of my production but also knives and scissors of other companies and artisans of Frosolone, as well as the best national and International knives.